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Midwifery Services

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  • Free consultation to meet and discuss care with Generations Midwifery 

  • Personalized, culturally affirming, and holistic care with the same midwife for the duration of your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum 

  • Standard pregnancy lab work and monitoring of your health and baby’s throughout 

  • Shared decision-making 

  • 24/7 hour access to the midwife in case of urgent questions/or concerns 

  • Client access to your electronic health record

  • Home birth, including water birth

  • Personalized recommendations for herbal medicine 

  • Lactation support and guidance 

  • Referrals to community obstetricians, nurse-midwives, naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, doulas, acupuncturists, pediatricians, and other providers as needed 

  • Well-child care for your newborn for the first two weeks of life 

  • Pap smears, birth control counseling, and other standard gynecological care as needed at your final 6 week postpartum visit 

  • Preconception support

Midwifery services with Generations Midwifery is comprehensive care for your pregnancy and birth: regular prenatal care, attendance at your labor and birth, well-child care for your baby the first two weeks of life, and postpartum care for you through 6 weeks postpartum. A core component of midwifery care is informed consent. This means you and midwife Terri will practice shared decision making throughout your care, communicating with honesty, vulnerability, and compassion. 


Prenatal visits take place in Terri's comfortable, home-like office setting in Lacey. She follows the standard obstetric care schedule, with visits scheduled monthly through 28 weeks, every two weeks until 36 weeks, and then weekly until your baby is born. Prenatal visits typically involve checking in with how you are feeling, discussion and education individualized for your care, monitoring your vitals and measuring your belly, and then listening to baby’s heartbeat with a fetal stethoscope or Doppler. 


When labor starts, you will stay in close communication to decide together when you are ready for the midwife to join you at your home, usually in active labor. Terri will stay with you through the birth and usually about 4-6 hours after, leaving when baby has established breastfeeding, you’re settled, stable, and well-fed, and you and baby are tucked cozily into bed. For postpartum care, Terri returns to your home to check in on you and baby at 24 hours and 3-5 days after the birth. You then return to the office for 2-3 more visits by the time you are 6 weeks postpartum. Terri will also provide initial breastfeeding support and can refer you to local lactation consultants as needed. 


As your midwife and primary provider in pregnancy, Terri is available 24/7 for you throughout your time together. If complications develop and your pregnancy is no longer considered low-risk, she is able to arrange consultations with obstetricians, nurse-midwives, naturopathic doctors and other providers in the community to either transfer or co-manage your care with. All routine lab work is collected during your visits in office, and ultrasounds are referred out.


Generations Midwifery is in-network for most major insurance plans, including Washington Apple Health. Discounts offered for families wishing to pay cash. Please contact Terri for more information.

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Doula & Montrice Services

Doula Services

Terri is not currently offering doula services at this time, but highly recommends her clients hire a doula! Doulas are non-clinical birth professionals who offer critical emotional, physical, and informational support during labor and birth. Research indicates doulas can reduce the likelihood of medical interventions and need for pain medication and even shorten the length of labor. Read more about the benefits of a doula-supported birth at 


If you’re interested in having a doula at your birth, Terri is happy to provide recommendations, or you can search 


Monitrice Services

As a trained midwife, Terri is offering limited services as a monitrice, pending her availability. A monitrice is a labor support professional who also has clinical training. This may be a good option for people who are planning a hospital birth but would like to labor with minimal interventions and/or labor at home as long as possible. As your monitrice, Terri acts like your doula, but is able to provide an additional clinical assessment to guide your decision-making in labor. A monitrice does not replace the role of midwife or physician but works alongside them to give the birthing person more information and support to meet their birth goals. If you’re interested in monitrice services, please get in touch for more details.

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