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"My husband found out we were having our first boy! I knew that when it was time to deliver, I would need my sister there to support me. Not only because she is my sister, but because of her professionalism and expansive knowledge of the birthing process, is why I choose her to help me welcome our baby boy. Her natural methods is what made me feel very comfortable and know that she had my best interests (and my husband's) in mind. I would recommend Terri to anyone who is looking for an amazing midwife. Love you sis and thank you for all you do!"

O.C. 4/17/2019

"After having my first child, our second blessing didn't come until 10 years later. I was grateful to have Terri by my side. I had to learn about my body, the physical, hormonal, and emotional changes all over again. It was a relief to have Terri there to support me through the birth and provide additional support after. She is a great midwife and I enjoyed having her by my side during one of the most important days of my life. She is now 3 years old and loving life!"

V.M 1/25/2020


"Terri was very valuable to us, we had newborn twins when we started looking for some help with bedtime and overnight feedings. When we first met her she was able to just jump right in and start helping while still respecting our wishes and routines as parents."

C.F. 4/26/2020

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