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What is a midwife?

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Midwives are care providers for expecting families, they are trained professionals with expertise and skills in supporting the birthing person through a healthy pregnancy, optimal labor and birth, and a smooth transition during the postpartum period. Midwives provide families with individualized care uniquely suited to their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and cultural needs. They are experts in low-risk natural birth and are trained to recognize and safely manage events that present otherwise.  Studies show that midwives decrease the risk of a cesarean, reduce rates of induction, augmentation, and interventions, decrease infant mortality rates, decrease the risk of preterm birth, increased chances of having a positive start to breastfeeding, and increased satisfaction of care from their provider (source). 

Services Offered

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What sets us apart?

It is important to find a provider you connect with, who aligns with your values and vision. We strongly recommend interviewing several providers before making a decision that fits your family's needs.  

Terri was trained by the midwives in her community, where she resides and serves, so you will see many similarities in how she practices. Some of the things that set her apart are the cultural foundations and her ability to honor and uphold your birth traditions and ceremony during your time together. She takes that extra step to ensure that she is current on the latest research while honoring your family's values by weaving them throughout your care. As a BIPOC midwife, she recognizes the importance of having a provider that is reflective of your values, experience, and traditions. She integrates the medicine of the land in her work and has an additional certification in plant medicine practices for the birthing year and beyond.  

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Terri’s career as a birthwork began in 2013 after her second child was born. Her personal experience revealed a lack of community birthing options for out-of-hospital midwifery care in her area. This ignited her passion and desire to bring other options, but most importantly diversity to all birthing families in her community.  She started her journey as a doula and birth assistant as she worked towards her goals of becoming a midwife. 


Meet the Midwife

Terri Chi-Lee LM, CPM

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"Terri was very valuable to us, we had newborn twins when we started looking for some help with bedtime and overnight feedings. When we first met her she was able to just jump right in and start helping while still respecting our wishes and routines as parents." more...

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