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Preconception & Fertility Services

We are excited to offer preconception counseling, herbal support and fertility support services for families seeking addition support during their journey in expanding their family.  We understand that there are many dynamic family structures and needs, we are happy to support families interested in at home IUI insemination.  Please contact us for more information 360-401-3343 or by email

Birth Tub Rentals

As a Generations Midwifery client, use of the birth tub is included in your care fee. 


For those who are seeking the use of a birth tub but are not Generations Midwifery clients, 28 days rentals of the Aqua Doula tub and necessary accessories are available for $250. This includes a $75 non-refundable deposit, due at the time of booking. The rental period begins on the day that the tub is delivered or picked up. The rental period is generally from around 38 weeks through 41 weeks unless alternative arrangements are made.

For more information or to book your birth tub rental, click on this form



Placenta Services


There is limited research available on the benefits of placenta encapsulation, but anecdotally, people report increased mood, energy, and breast milk production. If you are interested in preserving and consuming your placenta, Generations Midwifery offers a comprehensive placenta services package for $250, pending Terri's availability. This includes the Chinese medicine method of encapsulation, along with a placenta print, tincture, and the dried cord keepsake for your baby book.

If interested, please email for more information. If Terri is unable to prepare your placenta, she can provide alternative referrals for placenta services. 

Plant Medicine

Terri incorporates her herbalism training into her routine midwifery care. She also offers standalone plant medicine consultations to the community. The cost is $200 for a one hour session which includes intake, review and supportive plan. You and Terri will meet to review your medical history, discuss your health and wellness goals, and come up with a personalized plant medicine plan for you. 



Acudetox is a form of acupuncture, this treatment uses the five acupressure points in the ear to support anxiety, stress, trauma and addition. It is a gentle supportive therapy for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. As Terri is working towards her acudetox certification, she is offering limited acudetox services. Please inquire for more detail if interested. 

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